Here is a quick sample of type of keywords you’re most likely to get. As you can see, if you check them out for yourself, there is mostly user-generated content (forum threads, reddit, quora, etc) and weak affiliates. If possible, we pick keywords that have as little direct competitors as possible – however, that’s just not possible in some niches, that’s why we in those cases pick keywords with weak competitors, or a bit stronger ones with very little content.

Sometimes you will also get a keyword for which a bit stronger website with more content appears, but they don’t directly target your keyword.

Example: your keyword is “blah blah ohoho review”, there is BusinessInsider as a 3rd result – they have 1k words of content and target “best kekekekek for home” and they mention only “blah blah” just once. In this case, BusinessInsider is still a strong website but not really the type of website to worry about, as they don’t have a page specifically dedicated to your keyword.

Of course, that rarely happens but just so you know if it does…

Also, sometimes you will get some keywords with KD score over 40, but that doesn’t always mean those keywords are hard. That happens a lot when you have forums and product pages.



Download the sample:

Obviously there are many more easy keywords in this niche, but it doesn’t make sense to ruin them all by posting them publicly.