Blindly trusting competitiveness “scores”

We never rely on KW difficulty score. We spend most time looking at the results on the first 3 pages. Only then we can be sure,if the keyword really is easy,or just appears easy

Niche Selection

There`s no point in choosing a niche with low commision rates. That`s why we firstly pick a profitable niche and then continue with our Niche research

Niche Research

We`ll get familiar with your niche and find products with low competition. We will then find the easiest possible buyer keywords for those products.

Search Trends

People often forget about search trends. Our goal is to find your keywords that are being searched for every month of the year,not keywords that are one time thing,or are dropping in search volume.

Royal Keywords Packages

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Royal MINI
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  • The absolute lowest competition keywords in YOUR niche
  • Short report on how to outrank your competitors
  • Search Volume : 2k - 3K
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  • WE PICK a high profitable niche and find the lowest competition keywords in it
  • Shore report on how to outrank your competitors
  • Search volume : up to 12k
  • We will research a whole broader niche and provide over 50 low competition keywords
  • Perfect package for everybody trying to build an authority website
  • Short report on why we picked those keywords and how to outrank your competitors
  • Search volume : Over 15k


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